Methylene Blue

USP/pharmaceutical grade methylene blue Meets the
standards of the United States Pharmacopeia.

Methylthioninium chloride, commonly called methylene blue, is a salt used as a dye and as a medication. As a medication, it is mainly used to treat methemoglobinemia by chemically reducing the ferric iron in hemoglobin to ferrous iron, which help in boosting the energy productions.

Methylene Blue has very powerful purifying
and antioxidant effect.

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We sourced from ultra-pure USP grade methylene blue, DSI has obtained 3rd party testing by an independent ISO 17000:2015 certified analytical laboratory to ensure the highest purity available for medical use. USP grade means that our Methylene Blue meets or exceeds the requirements of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and that is satisfactory acknowledged for food, drug, or medicinal use. Furthermore, it may be used for most laboratory purposes.

  • Free from Heavy metals.
  • Strong Antioxidant
  • Help in Boost the Energy Production.
  • Promote Blood and Oxygen Flow to the Brain.
  • Improves Brain function.