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The composition of the potassium permanganate, also used as Condy’s crystals, is composed by two elements: one was potash, and another was permanganate. Potassium permanganate is an odorless solid with no aroma, and they look like dark bronze or brown color crystals.

Potassium permanganate is a purple-colored crystalline salt that has important household & various industrial applications.

When we dissolve the crystals in water, it becomes purple in color. The potassium permanganate is able to oxidize many substances, so it has been popularly used as an oxidizing agent, a substance that accepts or receives electrons from other substances.

High-quality raw materials Purplish-black crystalline salt

Potassium permanganate is a versatile purple coloured chemical compound. It is a potassium salt of manganic acid. Also known as the permanganate of potash, it has many other names such as chameleon mineral, Condy’s crystals and hypermangan. It was rediscovered by British chemist Henry Condy, who manufactured disinfectants known as ‘Condy’s crystals’, potassium permanganate became a big success. It has oxidizing properties, so it has found varied use in the medical and chemical industry. Its chemical formula is KMnO4.

Various Applications & Sector

Potassium Permanganate

Potassium permanganate is widely used in the chemical industry and laboratories as a strong oxidizing agent, and also as a medication for dermatitis, for cleaning wounds, and general disinfection.


Fruits and vegetables tend to rot and putrefy when stored under normal conditions after a certain period, depending on the heat and humidity. This physical change is attributed to the rapid buildup and evolution of Ethylene gas in the fruits and vegetables which accelerates the decaying process. This helps in maintaining the freshness of food products and extending the storage time. This application is a great boon to fruit and vegetable suppliers to maintain normal and cold chain deliveries to markets.

Wood and Handicrafts

Potassium/Sodium permanganate is used to treat wood used in the manufacture of Handicrafts and Furniture. The wood treated with Potassium/Sodium permanganate solution wears a dated and antique look which further adds value to the product. This treatment also ensures destruction of harmful mites and other insects which has made home in wood, used for such purposes.

Glass Industry

Potassium/Sodium permanganate is an important component used for various purposes in Glass manufacture. Due to its oxidizing property, Potassium/Sodium permanganate is used to oxidize metal impurities such as of Iron and Manganese which are solely responsible for imparting unwanted color in glass. Potassium/Sodium permanganate is also used to give purple tinge to glass products.

Air Purification

Rapid Industrialization, uncontrolled use of fossil fuels and rampant deforestation through the last century, has taken heavy toll on the quality of air we breathe. This situation has reached alarming proportions in some highly populated cities, which further has forced the authorities to take drastic steps to curtail further deterioration of air quality. Potassium / Sodium permanganate has a vital role to play here due to its ability to oxidize air borne impurities whether organic or inorganic. Potassium / Sodium permanganate is also effective in eliminating and controlling foul odor and odor causing chemicals which evolve from various chemical processes.

Poultry Farm & Hatcheries

The prevention and control of infections in Poultry farms and Hatcheries is fundamental to the Poultry Industry. Potassium/Sodium permanganate is a traditional and most extensively used disinfectant in Poultry Industry. The treatment involves process of pouring measured quantities of Formalin on Potassium/Sodium permanganate crystals to induce oxidation reaction thereby producing Formaldehyde Gas. The Formaldehyde Gas which is evolved is very toxic and lethal to almost all micro organisms, viruses and bacteria. The gas is allowed to spread and remain in the area to be disinfected, thereby, destroying potentially harmful and infectious organisms to make the place sterile and disease free.

Bulk drugs & Pharmaceuticals

Bulk drugs and pharmaceutical intermediates are manufactured through various chemical processes. The therapeutic aspect of any molecule present in the drug is determined by type of illness and the efficacy of the molecule to control and eliminate the illness. One of the chemical reactions involved in the manufacture of some types of drug intermediates constitute Oxidation process. Potassium/Sodium permanganate by virtue of its strong oxidizing power and cost efficiency is a preferred choice for such chemical processes.

Chemical Industry

Inorganic and Organic Chemical manufacturing processes involves various types of reaction. These reactions differ at various intermediate levels and are specific to the product intended to be manufactured. Potassium/Sodium permanganate is a strong oxidizer hence used in chemical reactions which involves oxidation process.


Graphene is a 2 dimensional single layer of Carbon atoms bonded together by a hexagonal honeycomb lattice. Graphene is one atom thick and is the thinnest and lightest material so far invented by man. It is also the strongest known material with its strength in the excess to 200 times than steel. It is termed to be the best conductor of heat and electricity.


Potassium / Sodium permanganate is a chemical compound which has numerous applications. Apart from its use in a variety of industries, Potassium / Sodium permanganate is also used in Educational Institutions, Analytical Laboratories, Research & Development, Hospitals, and also Household purposes.


Crude oil which is extracted from oil wells all over the world contains complex compounds of sulphur and other odor causing substances in varied concentrations depending on the geography of a particular region. Refineries which process Crude oil to remove fractions of volatile hydrocarbons have to periodically remove these sulphur compounds as it hinders the production process by clogging pipelines

Textile / Denim

Potassium/Sodium permanganate is used in vast quantities in Denim bleaching and other natural textile bleaching. Due to its oxidizing power and ability to supply nascent oxygen for bleaching, it is used for a range of textile fabrics such as Cotton, Cotton-Polyester blend, Wool, Silk and Linen. The use of Potassium/Sodium permanganate as a bleaching agent minimizes the damage caused to the fabric, which further strengthens and extends the life of bleached fabrics.

Wastewater Treatment

Industrial effluents and Municipal wastewater are generated in colossal proportions near industrial towns and densely populated cities. Potassium/Sodium permanganate plays a major role in the treatment of effluents by oxidizing soluble metal and heavy metal impurities in to insoluble forms. Potassium/Sodium permanganate also oxidizes odor causing sulphides and mercaptans to simple elements. Potassium/Sodium permanganate neutralizes organic hydrocarbons and phenolic compounds to carbon dioxide and water, thus rendering effluent safe for disposal.

Potable Water treatment

Water is a life-giver in its purest form but has its own deficiency depending on its source and origin. Potable water is required to be free of color, odor, disease causing organisms, microbes, organic and inorganic impurities, metal and heavy metal impurities. The high oxidizing power of Potassium/Sodium permanganate also contributes to keeping a check on disease causing bacteria and other microbes in potable water.

Zinc Industry

Pure Zinc metal is an important product with wide ranging applications across various industrial sectors such as Steel, Power, Healthcare and Food. Potassium/Sodium permanganate is a vital ingredient which is used to remove Ferrous impurities in the process of manufacturing high purity Zinc Metal. Due to its high oxidizing power, process adaptability and cost efficiency, Potassium/Sodium permanganate is an irreplaceable component in Zinc metal manufacture.

Steel Industry

The manufacture of Special steel/ Stainless steel Wire Rods involves heat treatment, forging and casting. This results in formation of scales, smut and oxides on the surface of Wire Rods. These Wire Rods are dipped in a mixture of solution of Caustic Soda and Potassium/Sodium permanganate of predetermined compositions and temperature for a specific time. The Caustic-Permanganate treatment effectively removes the scales and smut and cleans the oxidized surface to produce a high quality finished product.

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Potassium Permanganate


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